Welcome to my info dump of T'eyes CC2+/CC3 headunit information. This is mostly so when I need to reference something months from now I'll have it available on my phone.
This is a personal resource but is available to whomever can use it, as finding information about it in English is fairly difficult.
I own both a CC2+ in a 2011 Hyundai Tucson and a CC3 in a 2016 Nissan Maxima, but the units are generic and mostly only differ by what CANBus is connected.
I am not affiliated with Teyes, FYT or any other manufacturer or seller of these units.
** DISCLAIMER ** I take no responsibility for anything that happens related to the use of files or information made available here.

General Info

If the clock is getting reset, try Settings > geolocation > disable auto-sync


regular settings code 168
dev settings code 7788 or 1686699


CANBus settings for 2016 Nissan Maxima w/ Bose amp and factory navigation:
[DF-RZ-06] RZC -> Nissan -> Maxima -> AMP.ALL


- If something goes wrong during firmware flashing and the head unit does not boot properly, you can force it into the firmware mode by pressing RESET and after 3 seconds pressing RESET again.
- A USB flash drive with firmware must of course be inserted into the GU
- Flash patches one at a time after firmware flashing, do not combine


To use regular BT devices, edit config.txt and change sys.fyt.bluetooth_type=1 to sys.fyt.bluetooth_type=0
This file is in the root of the extracted firmware. You can update just the config.txt by flashing it like anything else.
If you have a rooted device, you can remount the /oem partition read-write and edit the file, /oem/app/config.txt
I have done this with Terminus and Busybox, opening a local terminal and doing the following:

$ su
# mount rw,remount /oem
# vi /oem/app/config.txt
(edit the 1 to be a 0 for that line, and ":wq" to write and quit vi)
# reboot

Note that is usually only needed for devices that advertise something other than "OBD"


Flashing Firmware / Files
- Format USB stick to FAT32
- lsec6315update should be in the root dir of the flash drive, along with other files to flash
- put USB drive in head unit
- a popup window should show up on screen shortly after
- don't unplug the USB stick until firmware is clearly done flashing


These units kill all but a few specific apps when waking from sleep, which prevents a lot of apps from working as expected and forces you to reopen them.
There is a workaround for this which involves installing a modified com.syu.ms apk, see the Resources tab for the NoKill link


Official firmware updates: https://cc3.teyes.ru/en/update.html

## 06/15/2021

CC3_20210615.rar (1966 MB) - full system update for CC3, see changelog at https://cc3.teyes.ru/en/update.html . unrar the rar file to the root of a FAT32/vfat usb drive

## 03/11/2020

0311_system.rar (1123 MB) - system update for CC3, fixes google account issues. Not a full firmware update!
ROOT_11032021.zip (17 MB) - root for 03/11/2021 update ( Root CC3 / CC2 + / SPRO + 11.03.2021 )


0311_system_root.zip (1129 MB) - system update for CC3 with root, flash like firmware, still just an update

## 12/28/2020

CC3_20201228.rar (2328 MB) - full firmware for 12-28-2020 update
ROOT_23122020.zip (12 MB) - root for 12/28/2020 update ( Root CC3 23-25-28.12.2020 )

APKs / Apps

obd-mod-20191126.apk (20MB) - Modified Teyes OBD app that allows for generic ELM327 devices rather than their official OBD adapter ( Video )


External Apps

FytHWOneKey - Fyt HW OneKey by surfer63 . This app allows for remapping hardware buttons to specific apps, intents, or shell commands. See the readme for details on how to use it.

WidgetUpdater for Teyes - Allows using the default media player widget to show/control 3rd party media apps, such as PowerAmp or Tidal. Works best with the MusicProxy app. Written by KёniG (XDA and 4pda)

Music Proxy 2.0 (1MB) - Music Proxy 2.0 by same developer as WidgetUpdater for Teyes (KёniG). See the original thread (Russian) here Music Proxy post on 4pda.ru

URLs / Resources

Official firmware updates:

APKs for CanBus updates:

CanBus types and pinout map:

General CC3 install videos and info:

4PDA.ru forum thread, translated to english:

UDT System Manager, for NoKill apps and MusicProxy. Requires Root.

FYT SC9853i Q&A + tips thread on XDA by surfer63 , much of this information applies to the T'eyes units:

Development and Modding

Password for AllAppUpdate.bin is 048a02243bb74474b25233bda3cd02f8

Pairing a generic OBD II adapter works on the CC3 and apps like Torque work fine. The Teyes OBD app only works with the official Teyes Adapater, however there is a modified APK available to make it accept any OBD II device.

com.syu.ms appears to control much of the unit's behavior.
If you extract the APK, in Reources/assets/property/ there are several txt files such as navi_app.txt, player_app.txt, unkill_app.txt and such that appear to determine how to handle specific applications, for audio focus and other uses.
unkill_app.txt appears to list all apps (including com.syu.ms itself) that should not be killed during the sleep/wake change.
These files appear to support regexes to match the name, simply prepend % to the line, so where
matches exactly "com.txznet.txz", a line like
will match "com.txznet" + anything else after, such as "com.txznet.abc" or "com.txznetwakkawakka"
It might be possible to implement a "NoKill" behavior by using a regex in "protected_app.txt" to simply match everything, one line with "%." might do it.
This would require the user to do some task management of their own or with another app after awhile, probably.
Package com.sui.ms.chip.Chip appears to be the main interface controller, handling decisions on what happens during state changes, such as the radio app being launched, car being put into reverse, airplane mode toggling, handling notification sounds,

SystemProperties / config.txt

This is a list of the SystemProperties options I've found so far and best guess as to what they are for.
Many of these can be set in config.txt

persist.fyt.externalfm0|1If set to 1, will assign external radio players the audio channel. Appears to only support a handful of specific chips.
persist.sys.wifi.statesopen|closeAppears to define if wifi should turn back on when waking from sleep
sys.navi.packagenamecom.waze|com.google.android.apps.maps|com.sygic.aura|etcDefine what applicate should be launched when "Nagivation" is requested
sys.warnning.exit0|1(yes, it's mispelled in the code, too)
sys.fyt.mcu_notmatch_hardware_ivd|?Set to a string when the MCU does not match the hardware
sys.fyt.mcu_need_update0|1Set to 1 when STM32 needs to update
sys.fyt.sleeping0|1Set to define the sleeping/waking state
sys.sleeptimes0|1Set to define the sleeping/waking state
ro.sf.swrotation0|90|180|270Numeric degress to rotate screen using software
syu.bt.show.pip0|1Show BT call event